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The perfect Safari & Beach Itinerary in Tanzania

Take a plane to Kilimanjaro International Airport. Have your Safari guide pick you up at the airport in a 4wd vehicle. Spend a night near Arusha.

In the morning take the time to visit Arusha. After lunch leave the city for the Ngorongoro Crater area. Stay a night in a lodge at the crater's border.

Next day ask your lodge to prepare a take away lunch for your journey in the Crater. You have a big chance to see all big 5 there. As the afternoon ends, ask your guide to drive out of the Crater and take you to a Masai lodge.

Continue your Safari tour to Serengeti and enjoy your day spotting wild life.

Take a break in a beautiful tented lodge. Settle in for two nights and enjoy the comfort of the place. Go for a night and walking safari, and take some time to relax at the lodges swimming pool.

Hit the road again after your 2 nights break and head back to Arusha region. On the road, discover Olduvai, the cradle of hamanity..

Spend the night on the road to Tarangire National Park in a stylish lodge.

The next morning spend the day in this beautiful Park. Enjoy the colors and vibes, so different from Serengeti.

Stay over night in one of the beautiful lodges with view to Lake Manyara. Absolutely charming.

The next morning, let the driver take you to Arusha airport for a short flight to Zanzibar.

End your Safari with a relaxing 4 nights Island stay.

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