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A mustdo during your Marrakech stay

Updated: May 2, 2023

Rent a 4wd vehicle and leave your Marrakech riad for one of the beautiful camps in Agafay Desert.

After a short 45 minutes drive in the direction of Agafay, you reach the arrid stone desert of Agafay. The land scapes are amazing and the region counts a lot of charming camps where you can take a pause during your day excursion or where you can stay overnight for a desert experience.

Example of your day&night excursion in Agafay Desert

• Rent a 4wd vehicle in Marrakech

• After breakfast, leave Marrakech for Agafay

• During the morning, tour with your adventure vehicle trough the desert

• Have lunch at

• Drive to your camp and checkin: or or

• Have a walk or a camel ride, relax at the camp, take a swim in the pool

• Have a candlelight dinner and enjoy an enchanting night in your tent

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